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Media & Branding Services

Your business's branding and media can take it to the next level when done well. So many small business owners understand this and take on the responsibility of these vast roles. It can be so overwhelming and stress-inducing. But...

You. Don't. Have. To. Do. It. ALL. 

It's okay to hire help. In fact, I consider hiring someone to do your branding/media like hiring an accountant... You don't need to guilt yourself for not understanding this aspect of your business. That's why I have a job. You're not the only one!

Supporting small businesses has always been something I have been passionate about, but working alongside them to help them grow and see their visions come to life has been magical. 

Check out a few packages I offer, and keep in mind that you have the option to modify/combine services too. Your goals are my goals; we will make it work <3

Core Branding

Branding is the foundation of all successful marketing. When you choose to work with me on your branding, we will establish your brand identity, your ideal clients/customers, your brand messaging, your brand design as well as your brand values. This will be how you direct and maintain your marketing strategy. 


Brand Design

This package focuses on the design aspect of branding. We will first establish your brand colours, fonts and design. Once this is complete, I will create marketing products for you to order based on your new brand kit & needs. This may include business cards, "thank you" cards, stickers, mailers, etc. 


Social Media Audit

Social media can be a tricky beast for so many small business owners. This package will include an assessment of your current social media, then I will provide you with suggestions, training, and resources to help you or your social media manager show up on social media like a pro!



If you are at a loss about where to start and what direction to go in, this may be the package for you. The consulting process is completely personalized based on the needs and current state of your business' media & branding. When I come in as a consultant, I assess what needs to be done and either offer my time to do it or, if it is outside of my skillsets, I will bring in professionals whom I trust to make the transformation happen.

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Book a Call With Me!

No Idea where to start? Don't stress it! Book a FREE consultation with me by clicking the button below! We will chat about your needs & options!

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