Cruelty-Free Morning Skincare Routine

Updated: Aug 22

During these weird times at home, I am finding that my routines are what keep me in check. I make sure that each day I get up, wash my face, and do my skincare routine each morning. This helps me start my day off in a productive mindset. I have had lots of questions lately about what products I use, keep in mind I have oily, acne-prone skin and some of these products are specific for my skin type.

1. Cleanse

First, I wash my face using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Wash. Even though this product comes in a plastic bottle, I am really happy with the usage of the product. bought the 400ml version last JULY and I still have over half a bottle left. You only need a drop of the product, it lathers very well. I use the FOREO LUNA cleansing brush and I apply my cleanser directly on it, then rub it around my damp face. The brush vibrates and really wakes up my skin in the morning, I love it! Then, I rinse my face with cold water. My dermatologist highly recommended not using hot water on my acne-prone skin, and I have found that it makes such a difference!

2. Tone

I use Skin & Co's Truffle Toner. I pour some onto a reusable cotton pad and apply it to my oily zones (nose, cheeks, forehead, chin). If you have sensitive skin, just pat on using your fingers. Toner is such a crucial part of my oily-skin routine because it helps remove any access oil that has built up on my face overnight.

3. Target Belishes

Then I use a spot treatment if I have any breakouts. I use The Body Shop's Blemish Stick. This isn't a lifesaving product, and I don't use it 24/7, but I do find that the Tea Tree Oil helps dry up my blemishes!

4. Wake up & soothe puffy eyes

To my under eyes, I apply Fundy Soap Co's Matcha Undereye Stick. I Apply it generously in a "V" under my eyes, then drag it up my cheekbone to rub it in. This has caffeine in it, which helps fight the dark circles!!

5. Moisturize

I use The Body Shop's Vitamin C Moisturizer. This is a very lightweight moisturizer that feels very refreshing! (If you keep it in the fridge it feels even better!) It doesn't feel heavy or leave my skin feeling greasy or filmy. Vitamin C is also great for your complexion!

6. Sun Protection

Even if you're not laying out in the sun, apply a UV shield! You can purchase moisturizers with SPF in them, however, mine does not have one, so I use the COOLA face sport SPF. I'm definitely not an expert, but here is an article, (from experts), that can explain more on the topic.

*Tip: When you're applying product to your face, use your knuckles or your fingers to massage it in. I run my knuckles up my cheeks, under my chin, and I drag products from my under eyes up my cheekbones. This helps bring oxygen to the area. Not only does this feel super good, but it results in reducing puffiness, and creates a brighter skin tone and appearance.

Let me know if any of these products work for you! Happy skincare! <3

xx, Hillary.

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